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Pupils’ Workshops

Stuck with ideas on open ended questions and creative investigation?

We offer four different types of workshops in school, but can also very often design something to suit your needs. Whereas large numbers of children can be present in the shows, workshops (which are themed on the shows) are intended for one class at a time. We can do three workshops in a day (we tend to stick to one type), or a mixture of workshops and shows so that more children can experience something in the day. But the beauty of all the workshops is that once we leave, teachers are able to repeat and extend upon the activities in their own time.

Workshops can stand alone but should follow a show if you are having both.

Please note we can sometimes mix things according to age groups and ability but we can discuss this.

The Art of Science Workshops

This is a really fun, creative session delivered by Dr Jasmine in which the children produce unique pieces of art through the use of scientific experiments and phenomena. For example the use of circular forces in spinners to make paintings; pendulae and line making;  painting with light; reflection pictures and illusions and special materials used in contemporary art. Illustrates just how similar art and science are, as well as developing the thinking skills needed for new ideas and innovation.

The Mad Materials Workshop

A wonderful and slightly messy workshop in which the children might explore reversible and irreversible change using polymers; liquids that mix and those that don’t; rockets and how their speed of ignition depends on the scientific process; minerals and rocks, 3D bubbles etc..

The Amazing Magical Science Workshop

Our original workshop with table top materials from screaming straws to flying fish to edible ooze and large exploding rockets. We explore the beauty of maths through some simple cutting exercises as well as the magic of bubbles. These activities are ideal for further investigation in class.

We can emphasise any topics that may be of particular relevance.

Each workshop is approximately an hour (although this is flexible depending upon mode of presentation and age group) with clearing up time and resetting requiring time in between.