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The Team

The ProEducation team have nearly two decades of experience as educators. By presenting Inset, Workshops and Shows to over 2000 institutions over the years, we have tried and tested practical, low cost ways of presenting maths, science and art and we know, from our number of re-books, that they work.

Jasmine Pradissitto

jasmineDr Jasmine has always had a passion for making connections between subjects. Graduating with a science Phd from UCL followed by a BA in Fine Art (www.pradissitto.com), she embraced both subjects and it has always been a passion she loves to communicate and share.

She is currently pursuing a successful career as an exhibiting Quantum Artist, and is increasingly working with businesses and institutions on the use of creative methods in solving problems. Proeducation remains her priority because she couldn’t live without the energy found in schools and as children as much inform her practice, as the other way round!

‘I believe that just as the scientific method can be taught, so too can the skills necessary to be creative. And that this is the only way forward in both education and in  society as this will distinguish those economies that flourish and those that don’t’. Her new blog on the website will present ideas in progress.

Julie Heap

JulieBefore working with Proeducation, Julie Heap MRSC worked as a researcher for UniLever for over 15 years. She has taught for several years at all levels and is also a qualified examiner at GCSE level. Her own natural passion for learning, means she is currently studying part time for another degree but this time in Psychology. She also has a passion for the creative having studied comtemporary floristry and has two patented inventions to her name.