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We offer three different types of shows in school. As large numbers of children can be present in each show, it is an ideal choice for large form entry schools (pitching to the correct ages). We normally stick to one type of show within the day due to set up times but we pride ourselves on our flexibility.


The Art of Science Show

With an increasing emphasis on STEAM, cross curricular practise and thinking skills, this is an ideal show to demonstrate the links between science and art. Focussing on ‘Physical Processes’ in the National Curriculum and delivered by Dr Jasmine for KS1 to KS4. Through the use of stunning demonstrations with lasers, rainbows, bubbles, historical references and illusions from artists throughout the ages, this is a visual and thinking feast of science through art and will help children to not only ‘think outside the box’, but throw it away completely!

The Mad Materials Show

Materials science is currently producing the most amazing new materials from the Nobel Prize winning Graphene (discovered from pencil sharpenings) to real ‘spider man’ gloves!Add to this the fact that so many materials can undergo both reversible and irreversible change and are combustible and we have a wealth of beautiful experiments to demonstrate.This show is an exciting and noisy selection of explosive experiments as well as things the children can repeat; Everything from skinny water to exploding custard to liquid magnets and the elephant’s toothpaste!
The Amazing Magical Science Show

The original and still one of our most popular shows, this show will inspire your pupils and teachers with a lively set of table top demonstrations guaranteed to amuse and amaze! And most of the ‘tricks’ can be investigated at length back in the classroom. Using cheap and easily obtained materials it touches on the whole National Curriculum from screaming straws to floating ping pong balls to diving pen tops and flying fish.
It really is a magical way of learning about science.

We can emphasise any topics that may be of particular relevance.
Each show is approximately an hour, (although again, this is flexible depending upon mode of presentation and age group).
We only require access to a laptop and digital projector and tables (for The Art of Science we also need a space or hall with curtains).