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Proeducation has a Blog!

Welcome to our brand new blog.

A place to share all things Proeducation – from the schools we visit to the new materials we are working on. Anything that gets us thinking that we can pass onto you!

So what have we been up to over the past few months? Working hard on our new website, for a start and spreading the word as we have been building our reputation since 1996. Just started tweeting! All very exciting.

We hope you’ll follow us on our journey from here on out.

‘Creativity’ is such an abstract word. Immediately we think of the visual and painting and yet both an experiment, hypothesis even just the humble ‘idea’ is creative; perhaps the most creative as it is something from nothing, using the tools we possess. And, as educators, we are here to equip our children with those tools….knowledge being one.


Teachers getting creative with forces on an Inset day at St James and St Michael’s in Westminster last week.


It has been well documented, that every time we have a ‘Eureka’ moment, we release dopamine. A natural high for the brain which becomes addictive and is why teaching and learning are such a pleasure. We will write more about this at a later date.

On a more practical scientific note, having just renewed membership, the Royal Institute offers many open lectures and workshops to schools at all levels. Some fascinating stuff we would recommend.

The ProEd Team




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