INSET Teacher Training

Our novel approach to INSET days has often been called 'inspirational'. Our lively courses are packed full of fun and useful 'hands-on' investigations, experiments, activities, games, puzzles, 'tricks', tips and ideas to really inspire teachers about how to 'liven up' their science and maths lessons.

Our aim is to help teachers to generally excite their pupils about science and maths, and associated investigative processes. We are particularly interested in showing teachers how to stimulate and develop the so-called 'higher order' scientific and mathematical thinking, enquiry and process skills – including problem-solving and reasoning – in pupils of ALL ages and abilities.

The ideas shown can be easily adapted for use with a very wide range of pupil age and ability levels, especially for Key Stages 1 – 3, and have been used equally well with Special Educational Needs and Gifted & Talented pupils. They can be used as lesson-length investigations, as quick 'starter activities' to get the lesson off to a lively beginning, as topic revision, as fun and stimulating homework, or as after-school club activities.

See the courses below for details.


the maths chef

Full of ideas showing how to conjure up the magic in maths

Magical Science

Get some tips on livening up science classes!

Science Through Art


Making the connection between science and art, and drawing out creativity in understanding science

The Benefits of In-School Staff Training and Development

  • All staff in the school can benefit on the day – and the pupils too if you choose 'Delivery Option 2' (described on the INSET course pages)
  • Cost and logistical benefits – the fact that ALL teachers get the training means greater cost per head benefits; there's no need to take a teacher out of the class and so no need to pay for supply teachers. Besides, in-school training with all the staff means that there's no need for any teachers to make time in school afterwards to share what they've learnt with other members of staff
  • You can more easily select a date to suit your school calendar
  • It's possible to share the costs – you can have up to 30 staff present (more with the half-day and twilight options), so you could invite staff from another school nearby to share. With 'Delivery Option 2' (see INSET courses for details) you can even get the kids and their parents to contribute
  • Pupil benefits – with 'Option 2' you see how your pupils respond to a selection of the activities demonstrated on the day

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