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CPD and Inset

The Art Of Inspirational Science

An INSET for Creative Science in the 21st Century. Suitable for All Key Stages.

The DfEE defines creativity as ‘Firstly, the characteristics of creativity involve thinking…..imaginatively. Secondly, this imaginative activity is purposeful and directed to achieving an objective. Thirdly, these processes must generate something original and lastly the outcome must be of value in relation to the objective’.

Creative teaching may be defined in two ways: teaching creatively and teaching for creativity.

This is the purpose of the Inset we offer. In an age of information overload, it is the connections we make with this knowledge which is of the utmost importance. This can be seen in the success of global corporations from Apple to Google; even pillars of scientific rigor such as Einstein were more creative thinkers than scientists when generating hypotheses.

Proven to stimulate the higher order scientific thinking and process skills, we have been developing creative scientific and mathematical activities, tried and tested over the last sixteen years, in places such as the Institute of Education, The Science Museum and the Royal Institute of Chemistry as well as various LEA’s such as Camden and specialists schools such as The Chelsea Open Air Nursery.

Focusing on ‘Physical Processes’ and ‘Materials and their Properties’, practical activities will inspire both you and your children to look at scientific concepts in a different way whilst having some serious fun. Hands-on practical encourages the so-called ‘higher order’ scientific and mathematical creative thinking, enquiry and process skills – including problem solving and reasoning – in your pupils. Emphasis is placed on looking at fun, novel, visual and even ‘mysterious and ‘magical’ ways of presenting scientific and mathematical concepts.

These are some of the comments teachers have made after our session:

“INSPIRATIONAL…” “FANTASTIC! The best course ever, fun and very inspiring!”

“A fantastic INSET, Excellent! The BEST INSET I have EVER had!”

“Inspiring, practical ideas which I will use in class”

“A wonderful inspiring day” “Brilliant – very inspiring” “Just what I need! I shall start tomorrow!”


Unlike many ‘theory-based’ courses, the aim of our courses is to demonstrate in a practical, visual, auditory and kinaesthetic, hands-on way, innovative and novel practical ideas to enrich and enhance your teachers’ and pupils’ interest, enthusiasm, imagination and creative thinking in their science and maths. For creative teachers who aspire to inspire their pupils!

Demonstrating ideas that are genuinely useable, ‘tried-and-tested’ science and maths investigations which can easily be taken back into the classroom and which work.

That the activities can be used equally well for regular lesson-length Investigations; for quick ‘starter activities’ to get the lesson off to a lively start; for topic revision, for fun and stimulating homework, for curriculum enhancement and enrichment, and for after-school club activities.

That the activities can be used effectively to engage and stimulate pupils of ALL ages from Nursery and Primary to Secondary school pupils of all abilities, including Special Educational Needs and More Able pupils.


To equip the teacher with a wide selection of practical science and art investigative activities to take back to the classroom.

To show teachers how the activities can be used to genuinely engage, inspire and excite pupils to think ‘scientifically’ and ‘artistically’, and as a consequence, potentially achieve more in their science learning and attainment.

To increase the teachers’ levels of confidence in teaching sometimes difficult, areas of the science, maths or art curriculum.

To re-assure and show the non-specialist teachers how they can affectively and with confidence, teach their pupils about science or art and the thinking processes involved.

To show how easily connections can be made between various subjects so that any child will find some area of inspiration.

To show different methods of recording and analysing data; not just numbers and words, but pictures and paint.


We provide a copious notes in stick format. These include Materials written for the Royal Society of Chemistry, Magical Science and Dr Jasmine’s work on Science with Art which are being formalised into a book on the nature of learning creativity.

This course can be delivered in a morning, afternoon or after school session as well as a full day. Please look at ‘Booking Us’ to see the various delivery options.