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About us

ProEducation was conceived in 1996 and is currently run by artist, physicist and education consultant Dr Jasmine Pradissitto. As one of the first ever companies to offer outreach to schools, we use only tried and tested presenters; some have been with us from the start. We have been into over two thousand schools and educational establishments and have taught everyone from tiny tots to undergraduates.


Our ethos is one of fun, creativity, passion and flexibility in the sciences; although the thinking skills we encourage are valuable throughout the curriculum and ever more important in a changing world of information. The approach is simple; using hands on activities to engage with the individual so that learning becomes not only fun, but something that is self motivated. The aim is not simply to inspire when we are there, but to leave an enthusiam which teachers and children will want to build upon.

But, however we approach it, the aim is to encourage the use of the scientific method using kinestheatic, hands on activites with cheap materials. This is especially pertinent in National curriculum Science as ‘Open questions’ are now a part of lesson structures.

And after many years, in addition to the Inset notes and follow up notes we already offer, Dr Jasmine is, at long last, starting to formalise her ideas on creativity into books, starting with The Early Years.